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NEW MUSIC!!! In this one, we spend the first half of the show debuting loads of new tracks, mostly from bands that have never been played before, and some of it from albums that haven't even been released yet. Then, we did our usual Words of Wisdom, and worked in a solid Batcave set at the end. Enjoy! 


* = request

Japan Suicide -- Empire
The Holy Circle -- Free and Young
Chasms -- Divine Illusion 
Drab Majesty -- Long Division
Astari Nite -- As If You Were Dead
The Membranes -- A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier
Clay Rendering -- Black Vows 
Cold Showers -- Faith
Komrads -- Scatter the Ashes
Vukovar -- Internment By Mirrors

Ministry -- N.W.O.*
Xasthur -- Telepathic with the Deceased
La Mort -- Fist and Chain
Malombra -- The Witch is Dead

UK Decay -- Black Cat
Sexbeat -- Sexbeat
Meat of Youth - Meat of Youth
Andi Sex Gang -- The Naked and the Dead
The Cure -- End
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home

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