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September 18th, 2022

In this one, we kicked things off with a very special set based around a new compilation put together by Bestial Mouths called We Stand, with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Then, we worked in some female fronted deathrock and punk. And in the second hour, we had some new releases, and finished strong with some obscure post-punk. Dig it! 


The Bolshoi -- A Way
Bestial Mouths -- Lost In (Mother Juno Remix)
genCab -- A Dead Man's Bastard
Korine -- Cruel
Panic Priest -- Angelsteal
Sacred Skin -- Stay Awake
Aurat -- 333

Naughty Zombies -- Cemetary
Succubus -- Sacrifice
Exit Dust -- Call in the Darkness
Dinah Cancer -- Feel the Pain
Lunachicks -- Jan Brady
The Caretaker -- Things that are Beautiful and Transient
Lingua Ignota -- Katie Cruel
Ruth Radelet -- Stranger
Chasms -- Submit
The Ultimate Dreamers -- Polarized
Vacios Cuerpos -- Silencio
Last Grasp -- Goblin
Fiasko Leitmotiv -- Problematica
Ultra Sunn -- The Speed
Bachelors of Art -- Three Cornered Plot
The Swarm -- No Sleep Until Dawn
Chatshow -- Brothers and Sisters
Carcrash International - Paradise Lost
Flowers of Sacrifice -- Body Betrayal
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Sweet Transvestite


September 13th, 2022

This one was a lot of dark fun. We had a couple of sets of brand new releases, most of which were from albums that only just dropped a couple of days ago.  Also, in the first hour, we did an entire set based around the Super Heroines album Cry For Help, and many of the musicians who appeared on it. And we finished strong with some classic '80's and '90's selections. Dig it. 

* = request

The Smiths -- The Queen in Dead
Sleeping Witch & Saturn -- Book of Saturn
Static Phantoms -- Assassins
Les Longs Adieux -- Malombra
Matte Blvck -- Midnight & Angel
Vandal Moon -- Queen of the Night
Girlfriends and Boyfriends -- Colour Shining Bright
Super Heroines -- Blue Blood
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band -- The Host, The Ghost, The Most Holy-O
Speed Queens -- Little Girls
The Child Molesters -- I'm The Hillside Strangler 
Shadow Project -- Holy Hell
Puce Mary -- Coagulate
And Also the Trees -- Another Town Another Face
Architrave -- Lorem Ipsum
Edward Ka-Spel -- Tanith and the Lion Tree*
Aux Animaux -- Devil Inside
Las Flores -- Lejos De Donde Naci
Pilgrims of Yearning -- La Mar
Harsh Symmetry -- Like an Opiate
Houses of Heaven -- Sightline
The Midnight Computers -- Violence
The Shroud -- Spectre
Autumn -- How It Came to be This Way
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- 92 Degrees
Alien Sex Fiend -- Dead and Buried
And One -- Strafbomber*
Faith and the Muse -- Sovereign
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- The Time Warp


September 6th, 2022

This one was super fun. For the first half, we had a good mix of classic stuff and brand new releases. And in the second half, we had a stellar Words of Wisdom set, a set made up entirely of artists from one of my favorite labels, Swiss Dark Nights, and we finished strong with some black metal. But best of all, I was joined by Emma, a really cool baby Dj in training, who was cool enough to hop on the mic and join in for the whole show. Can't wait to hear her show when she gets it soon. Dig it!


Christian Death -- When I Was Bed
Spirits of Leo -- Frailties
Lunar Lock -- Black Dagger
Urban Heat -- Trust
Oliver Marson -- Manipulator
A Cloud of Ravens -- The Blackest Mantra
The Slashes -- Valentine Slip
black tape for a blue girl -- Pandora's Box
Ruah -- I Believe in You
Sword Collector -- Communion Ov One
The Wake -- Hammer Hall
October Burns Black -- Divide and Conquer
Editors -- Kiss
Sunn O))) -- O))) Bow 1 
Hours of Worship -- Fear in Bloom
PIG -- The Dark Room
Thanatos -- Specchio Di Sangue
Anne Marie -- Sweet Memory
Velvet Velour -- Blood Moon
The New Arctic -- Standing Dead
They Die -- One Last Kiss
Sexblood -- Silent Hill
Darkthrone -- Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner
Bathory -- Raise the Dead
Spectral Moon -- Imperial Saison Noire
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Science Fiction Picture Show 


September 1st, 2022

This one was a good mix of classic stuff and brand new relseases, including the new one from Columbia's own Candy Coffins. We also worked in a long bit of horror talk, and I gave a shoutout to one of my favorite TikTokers/YouTubers Jeenie Weenie. Check her out! 

* = request

Corpus Delecti -- Firelight
Candy Coffins -- Every Day a Fresh Atrocity
A Projection -- Careless
Casket Cassette -- Funeral Shroud
European Ghost -- White Foals
Scavenger Parade -- Bitter Reward
Bauhaus -- Dark Entries*
Eye Steal -- Drown My Friend
Psyclon Nine -- See You All in Hell
And Also the Trees -- Simple Tom and the Ghost of Jenny Bailey
House of Harm -- In Threes
Haunt Me -- Russian Doll
Pharmakon -- Crawling on Bruised Knees
She Past Away -- Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix)
Heavy Halo -- Black Seed (Xavier Swafford Remix)
Die Krupps -- Shmutzfabrik*
Dead Can Dance -- Anywhere Out of the World 
Joy Division -- Day of the Lords
The Smiths -- Death of a Disco Dancer
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I Can Make You a Man


August 21st, 2022

In this one, the first half was all about new releases. Then, we had a special prog-infused edition of Words of Wisdom featuring a band based out of the midlands. The second half was based around more new releases, including a bit of industrial and a blistering metal set at the end. I also talked up the The Sandman on Netflix, which everyone should be binging right now. Listen and get spooky! 

* = request

Bauhaus -- The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (live)
Vandal Moon -- Sweet Disaster
Bad Knaves -- The Kind
Golden Apes -- Hold Me
Kill Shelter (feat Ronny Moorings) -- All of This 
Then Comes Silence -- Chain
Войлок - Дом напротив / Felt -- House Opposite
French Police -- Good Girl 
Farpoint -- Footprints on Mars
King Crimson -- Fallen Angel 
LIVINROOM - Disaster
Normakina -- Decay
Ministry -- Cold Life*
Tsaffire -- Devora
Rammstein -- Deutschland*
Living Signs -- SpeZialoperation
Slighter -- Breaking In
Proband 147 -- Dein Labor
Grinning God - Grief Behind the Grin
My Dying Bride -- Black Heart Romance
Crypta -- Dark Night of the Soul
Gorgoroth -- Exit Through Carved Stones
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place 


August 21st, 2022

The name of the game here was NEW RELEASES. They made up 90% of the show, with a dash of older stuff here and there. Also, a lot of horror talk, including me ranting about the trailer for the new Interview with the Vampire series. Can't wait to see how that pans out. Dig it! 

* = request

Westworld -- Main Theme
Dead Cool -- Send Me An Angel
They Die -- All Your Magic
Jupiter Jane -- Money, Murder, Madness
The Coventry -- The Maze
The Soft Moon -- Become the Lies
Rackets and Drapes – Home Street Home
London After Midnight – Where Good Girls Go To Die
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween*
Cold Showers -- Silver 
Chemical Waves (feat. LOVATARAXX) – In Need on the Marquee Square
She Past Away – Katarsis*
Creux Lies – Renegade
A Murder of Angels – Crossing the Threshold
Paulina Fae -- Glow
Buffy Sainte-Marie -- Poppies
Zola Jesus -- Sewn
Geometric Vision – Luna
Vincent Christ – Heart on a Chain
Harsh Symmetry – Mirror Twin
Shhadows – Love Like Blood
The Black Cheetahs – Rails of Rust
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul


July 29th, 2022

It was nice to be back on after taking a 3 week break, but that time was spent making some great memories. In this episode, I basically worked in the show that I was planning to do a few weeks ago, but couldn't because of a last minute access issue. So, we knocked out a 4th of July set (why let a good show go to waste?), as well as a load of new releases. I also discussed some horror releases, the FANTASTIC Tim Cappello show at the Art Bar, and ranted about that abysmal trailer for The Munsters. Enjoy! 

* = request

Zombie Girl – House of 1000 Corpses
Thou -- 4
th of July
Back Up Terry (The Remix)
Ministry -- America (Live)
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Fireworks
Killing Joke -- America
Noche Miseria -- To the Moon
Give My Remains to Broadway -- Returnal
Incirrina -- Careworn Face
Poison Point -- Poisoned Gloves
Reflection Black -- Call My Name
Hitchocks -- Vampire Dancing*
ZOAR – The Coming Anarchy

Preoccupations -- Ricochet
Terminal -- Fault Line
Roobanok -- Midnight Express
Silent Runners -- No Place in Time
After a While -- Paint it Grey
Adrenochrome -- Lost City
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature


June 22nd, 2022

In this one, we continued our catching up of all the new releases we've been blessed with the last couple of months. We also worked in some horror talk and finished with a fun Deathrock set. Dig it! 

* = request

Bauhaus -- Endless Summer of the Damned
Dunkelwald -- Nada Nuevo 
Stridulum -- Fear 
Electroforez -- Evil (Ash Code Remix) 
October Burns Black -- With You
The Wake -- Perfumes and Fripperies
They Die -- Single Frame 

MNRVA -- The Way 

Type O Negative -- Christian Woman*
Jimmy Smack -- Depression
Midnight Passage -- Waiting 
Shrine of Reflection -- Tale of the Thaw
Petals and Thorns -- Digital Religion 
Haunt Me -- Please Stay 
Shadowhouse -- Bleed
Chiffon Magnifique -- Cyanide
Redder Moon -- Astral Body 2 Body - NITE Remix 
Winkie -- Burn the Town Down
Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle -- Anhedonia
SRSQ -- Saved for Summer
Angels of Liberty -- Son of the Serpent
Radio Werewolf -- 1960 Cadillac Hearse
Christian Death -- Face
Voodoo Church -- Burning Obsession
Burning Image -- Haunted
34 Vampires -- 34 Vampires
45 Grave -- Night of the Demons
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I Can Make You a Man


June 21st, 2022

In this one, we worked in a tribute to Julee Cruise (R.I.P.), as well as a load of new releases and horror talk. And we finished strong with a vampire themed set! 

* = request

Julee Cruise – Falling
Dead Cool – Send Me An Angel
The Mystic Underground – Peter
Proshay – List'ya
Floating Ashes – I See You
Then Comes Silence – Chain
Silver Walks feat. Marc Heal – In Consequence
Haunt Me – Into the Black
Midnight Passage – Sleepwalker
Neila Invo – Delirium
The Cemetery Girlz – Eternal Night
Stereoccult – Everyday is the End of the World
Deceits – En Soledad
Cemetery Girls – Bloodshed at Dawn
Her Noise is Violence – Nuclear Age
isocult -- Deleter
Dark Shadows – Main Theme
Lestat – Grave Desires
Two Witches -- Requiem
Nosferatu – The Haunting
J Giles Band – Fright Night
Julee Cruise – Rockin' Back Inside My Heart*



June 21st, 2022

No real themed sets in this one. We just spent the whole episode catching up with a load of new releases from the last month or so, with a good chunk of horror talk in the middle. We also did a little tribute to Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher of Depeche Mode early on (R.I.P.). Dig it. 

* = request

Stranger Things - Main Theme (C418 Remix)
Composition of Sound -- Let's Get Together
Hungry Lucy -- Blue Dress
Distance H feat. Ophelia -- Bitch 16
Saigon Blue Rain -- The King is Dead
Schatten Muse -- Leere
Thanatos -- A Feast of Snakes (live)
Anum Preto -- Polos Opostos 
Boy Harsher -- Tears*
Old Moon -- Eastern Skies
Ángel De La Guarda -- Crimen
Rare DM -- Naomi
Giveth -- Mouning Glory
Monochromatic Visions -- Run
Roya -- Break the Lines
Cruel Kiss -- Ultimate
Black Agent -- Concrete Sky
Terminal Serious feat. Ça
ğla Güleray of Ductape -- Nobody Sees Us
Night Sins -- Fantasy 21
Reflection Black -- Let the Spirit
Mueran Humanos -- Desastre Personal 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Super Heroes

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