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This was a fun one. Most of the show was focused on brand new releases from bands who had never been played on the show before. But, we also took a break about half-way in to knock out an '80's Japanese Post-Punk set, and ended strong with some black metal. Enjoy! 


Stranger Things -- Main Theme
Sabbath Assembly -- Worthless
Lowlands -- Drown
Ghostland -- Leave Behind
Rakta -- Estrela Da Manha
Veil of Light -- Fact2019
Ötzi – Magpie*
Naoki Asa -- Candy
Tsugutoshi Goto -- Night of the Fauvists
Zelda -- True Darkness - A Scene of a Day
The Lams -- Made in Japan
Sex Complex Class -- Out of the Body
Boy Harsher -- Crush
SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) -- Guilty and Gifted
Cruz de Navajas - Prioridad
Cold Cave -- Promised Land
Odonis Odonis – Collector
Darkness on Demand -- Holy Water
Galhammer -- Crucifixion
Hellhammer -- Messiah
Celtic Frost -- Danse Macabre
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home

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