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On this one, we started off with a birthday tribute set to Crispin Glover. And since it was the day before Easter, we moved on to a lot of tracks about resurrection and zombies, concluding with a killer metal set. Enjoy! 


Lion -- Love is a Lie
Crispin Glover -- Never Say Never to Always
Crispin Glover -- Selected Readings from Oak Mot Part 1
Nina Hagen -- Antiworld
The Damned -- Gigalo
Killing Joke -- Land of Milk and Honey
Corrosive Crowd -- Insektenliebe*
Forever Grey -- Killing Myself
The Eden House -- All My Love
Astari Night -- The Boy Who Tried
The Agnes Circle -- Porcelain
Alien Sex Fiend -- Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied
Christian Death -- Resurrection (6th Communion) (live)
Sabbath Assembly -- Ascend and Descend
Saint Vitus -- Zombie Hunger
Vorbid -- Zombie
Neurotoxin -- Dead That Live
Sacrifice -- Re-Animator
Lycia -- A Ghost Ascends
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Over at the Frankenstein Place

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