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4/13/19 - The Top 40 Show!


This week is Fundraiser Week, so the gloves came off! WUSC suspended our usual policy of not playing Top 40 or mainstream artists, so I was allowed for this one night only to play whoever I wanted! So, expect some bands you never thought you'd hear on the show, as well as a few surprises. The playlist is down below, but I wouldn't even glance at it unless you want some spoilers. Enjoy! P.S. Since it is Fundraiser Week, please consider throwing a few dollars at us if you can. It's what keeps Dark Entires on the air and is how we're able to afford equipment, licensing fees, and all the other stuff that it takes to run a radio station. Thanks! 

* = request

Electric Wizard -- Witchcult Today
Black Sabbath -- Electric Funeral
Deep Purple -- Black Night
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Scarecrow
Portishead -- The Rip
Depeche Mode -- Useless
Marilyn Manson -- King Kill 33
Rob Zombie -- Virgin Witch
Nine Inch Nails -- The Becoming
Skinny Puppy -- Tin Omen
Revolting Cocks -- Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?*
Metallica -- The Call of Ktulu
David Bowie -- Joe the Lion
David Bowie -- All the Madmen
Genesis -- Anyway
Fad Gadget -- Newsreel*
Modern English -- 16 Days
Psychadelic Furs -- Pulse
Prince -- Electric Chair
Nirvana -- Drain You
Hole -- Gutless

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