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This one was super long! In the first half we did a little tribute to George Romero and played loads of spooky tunes. Thngs really kicked in during the second half though when fan favorite Donna Purge stopped by the studio and we talked about Dune, guilty pleasures, and our upcoming podcast titled Two Idiots. Also, check out Comic Book Girl 19, who I mentioned at the beginning of the show. I'm knee deep in her Dune Club (HELLO) right now, and really digging it. Enjoy!   

* = request

Julee Cruise -- Falling
Day of the Dead -- Main Theme
Patricia Morrison -- Alone
Crystal Night --Waiting for Something
Frio y Vacio — Desequilibrio
Then Comes Silence -- Strangers
Limbo -- Poisoned KIsses
Play Dead -- Tenant
Modern English -- Just a Thought
Suburban Lawns -- Baby
Toru Takemitsu -- Woman in the Dunes
SPK -- Desolation
Einsturzende Neubauten -- Schieß Euch Ins Blut
The Body & Thou -- Terrible Lie
High Funcitoning Flesh -- Whispered Steel
Earth and Fire -- Seasons
Salem Mass -- Witch Burning
Stillborn -- I, The Stillborn*
SubRosa -- Beneath the Crown
Slayer -- South of Heaven
Xmal Deutschland -- When Devils Come
Skinny Puppy -- Chainsaw
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Super Heroes

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