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May 13th, 2018

It was nice to be back after taking a week off to DJ Augusta's amazing Atmosphere event. Enjoy this one though, because I'll have to take the next 2 weeks off too for Days of the Dead in Charlotte and The Crimson Scream Film Festival in Charleston. I'll be back soon though. Enjoy! 


The Misfits -- Saturday Night
Biankaneve -- Specchio
The Execute -- Escape
The Fireworks Factory -- Heaven
Belgrado -- Palac Kultury
Ghost Dance -- Where Spirits Fly
Slow Decay -- Moonlight
Every New Dead Ghost -- Miranda
Bachelors of Art -- Descend Again
Portion Control -- In Pursuit of Excellence
The Chameleons -- Paper Tigers
Burning Skies of Elysium -- One Afternoon
Asylum Party -- Sweetness of Pain
Vasilisk -- Pagan Ritual
Ultra -- The Ass of Traci Lords
Sleep Chamber -- Flesh On Flesh
Cult Play -- In Search of Blood
Seventeen at this Time -- Bobby Beausoleil
Current 93 -- Beausoleil
Skinny Puppy -- Amnesia
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place


4/28/18 — Tribute to The Nightosphere!

May 4th, 2018

A very special show! This time, we say goodbye to The Nightosphere by playing an all-metal show in tribute. For the last several years, the tag-team of Dark Entries: Goth Radio and The Nightosphere have rocked your Saturday nights. This was the last time we were on the air together before The Nightosphere comes to an end. Thanks DJ Mantas for filling in me for me here and there and for turning me on to so much great metal over the years. Onward and upward, buddy. Good luck with everything! 


Saturnalia Temple -- Aion of Drakon

Type O Negative -- Black Sabbath (From the Satanic Perspective)
SubRosa -- The Inheritance
Electric Wizard -- Saturnine
Christian Mistress -- From Black to Gold

13 -- Wither
Bedemon -- Serpent Venom
Mantas -- Legion of Doom
Samael -- Worship Him

Huata -- Lords of the Flame
Mournful Congregtion -- A Slow March to the Burial
Gorgoroth -- Teeth Grinding

Pagan Altar -- Walking in the Dark
Blood Ceremony -- The Eldritch Dark
Lucifer Was -- Come Drug Me Babe
Lucifer's Friend -- Ride the Sky
Bulbous Creation -- Satan



May 4th, 2018

AN INTERNATIONAL SHOW! We were all over the map with this one. Nearly every track came from a band that wasn't American or English (and let's face it, most of my show is weighted toward those two countries). Enjoy, 


Phantasmagoria -- Boje (Yugoslavia)

Forever Grey -- Love is Temporary
Paragos -- Vrata (Serbian)
Avangarda -- Apokalipsa (Yugoslavia)
Horror Vacui -- Grey Shadows (Italy)
Every New Dead Ghost -- Hunters

Ian Gomm -- Hold On

The Cure -- A Strange Day
Decades -- Hell
Preoccupations -- Espionage
Your Last Photo -- Wernigerode (Russia)

Kukl -- Moonbath (Icelandic)
Acid Group -- Adoration de la Terre (Italian)
Chromatics -- Cherry

My Dying Bride -- Two Winters Only 
Type O Negative -- Wolf Moon


May 4th, 2018

The very beginning of this got cut off, but otherwise, it turned out to be a great episode. Thanks for listening!


Cyan Revue -- The Retire

The Wake -- Suicide
The Eden House -- Nerversa
Astari Night -- Divination
The Present Moment -- A New Day
Moev -- 90 Minutes
Mask For -- Stolen Flowers

Silicon Teens -- Sun Flight
Alexander Robotnick - Celle Vache De Ma Mère
Ministry -- Same Old Madness
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons -- The Poet

Bulbous Creation -- Satan
Lucifer Was -- Darkness
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown -- Fire
Diamond Head -- The Prince

Christian Death -- When I was Bed
Uk Decay -- For Madmen Only
Big Electric Cat -- Cat People (Putting Out Fire)


3/24/18 — The Goddess of Goth Show Part 2

March 25th, 2018

This one was a a little shorter than the usual show, but it just means it leaves room for a Part 3 of this series next week. Enjoy! 


Sopor Aeterunus -- In Der Palastra
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Jigsaw Feeling
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons -- Happy Funeral
Lydia Lunch -- This Side of Nowhere
Super Heroines -- The Beast
Ghost Dance -- The Grip of Love
Rasputina -- Hunter's Kiss
Grass Widow -- Shadow
Au Pairs -- Come Again
Castration Squad -- No Mercy for the Dead
Christ vs Warhol -- Cross of Lorraine
Xmal Deutschland -- Blut Ist Liebe
Belgrado -- Dead Generation


3/17/18 — The Goddesses of Goth Part 1

March 20th, 2018

Alright, kids. It's March, so you know what time it is. Every March, I do my Goddesses of Goth series, which usually spans 2 episodes and contains nothing but female artitsts. This is Part 1. We'll do Part 2 next week. Enjoy! 


Pigfafce -- Hips, Tits, Lips Power
Black Tape for a Blue Girl -- The Turbulance and the Torment
Lebanon Hanover -- Babes of the '80's
Voodoo Church -- Brand New Death
The Shroud -- Lover's Bones
La Scaltra -- Nightmares

Nic Endo -- Man-Eater
Pharmakon -- Ache
Android Lust -- Refuse

Chelsea Wolfe -- Twin Fawn
Azar Swan -- Lovely Day
Skeletal Family -- Trees
Danielle Dax -- Brimstone in a Barren Land
Babes in Toyland -- Bruise Violet

Suburban Lawns -- Gidget Goes to Hell
25 Cents -- The Witch
Da! -- Dark Rooms
Your Funeral -- I Want to Be You
PragVEC -- Wolf
Malaria! -- Geld/Money
Zellots -- Empty Victories
FIfth Column -- Degradation

How to Destroy Angels -- A Drowning
Kaelan Mikla -- Glimmer and Aska
Linea Aspera -- Eviction
Sixth June -- Stars
Kas Product -- So Young But So Cold

Ides of Gemini -- Seer Of Circassia
Lucifer -- Faux Pharoah
Christian Mistress -- Posession
The Plasmatics -- Living Dead
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me



March 11th, 2018

Here you, kids. This one was just a mix of straight forward goth rock, a gerat synthy post-puunk set, and some early industrial. I also discussed my recent trip to a Pic-A-Flick, our upcoming Alternative Fusion event, and a weird encounter with a co-worker. Enjoy! 


* = request

Grave Society -- Hour 13
Primus -- Mr. Krinkle
Nervous Germans -- Summer of Love
Lucie Cries -- Cassandra
Slow Decay -- Ghosts
Aeon Sable -- Garden of Light
Echos of Silence -- Another Day
Sally Dirge -- Be Gone
N:UN -- Midnight's Inertia - The vampire's Lair part II
Pawns -- The Cross
The Misfits -- London Dungeon*

Cabaret Voltaire -- Sleepwalking
Throbbing Gristle -- Walls of Sound
Test Dept -- The Fall from Light

I Tpame I Tvrame -- The Calling
Dead Curtis -- Dark Night of June
Forever Grey -- Lost in a Moment
She Past Away -- Bozbulanik

Synthetic Dreams -- Suphate Suicide
The Tear Garden -- Sinister Science
Switchblade Symphony -- Wrecking Yard*
Skinny Puppy -- Solvent
Hanzel Und Gretyl -- Fukken Uber Death Party*
Zwaremachine -- Person to Person
Youth Code -- Carried Mask

The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Hot Patootie Bless My Soul


3/3/18 — The Best of 2017 Part 2

March 11th, 2018

Here's Part 2 of our look back at some of my favorite releases from 2017. Enjoy! Oh, and apologies for the sound quality of a few of the tracks. I had some clipping and static that I just couldn't edit out, so sorry about that. 


Dool -- Vantablack
Double Echo -- Before the Mirror
La Scaltra -- The Devil's Playground
Cliff and Ivy -- Fossil Fuel
The Birthday Massacre -- Under Your Spell
Diamanda Galas -- O Death (live)
Moonspell -- 1755
Paradise Lost -- The Longest Winter
Drab Majesty -- 39 by Design
Sextile -- One of These
Spiritual Bat -- Killing
Divine Noire -- The Reason Why
Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos -- Spectre
Soror Dolorosa -- Night is Our Hollow
Merficul Nuns -- Eternal Decay
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home


2/24/18 — The Best of 2017 Part 1

February 27th, 2018

This was a fun one, kids! It was good to be back after being off for 2 weeks straight. And we came back by looking at some of my favorite releases of 2017. This is just the first part though as there are way too many cool releases that came out last year that I could fit into one show. Enjoy. 


Trent Reznor -- Halloween Theme
Night Sins -- Dancing Chrome 
Feeding Fingers -- I Have Tried Laughing
Desperate Journalist -- Hollow 
Second Still -- Recover 
Pawns -- The Cross 
Egrets On Ergot -- Sisters Please 
Gary Numan -- What God Intended
Kælan Mikla - Myrkrið kallar
Chelsea Wolfe -- Vex
Azar Swan -- Shock 
Zola Jesus -- Soak
Pharmakon -- Somatic 
Boy Harsher -- Underwater
Nightcrawler -- Blood Rage 
Laibach - Ein Untergang 
Die Selektion - Unter Die Haut
3TEETH -- Pit of Fire 
The Frozen Autumn -- I Love You But I've Chosen Synthesizers 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place



January 31st, 2018

In this one, we finally say goodbye to Uncle Charlie with a very extended edition of Words of Wisdom. It's good to be back on the air in 2018!


Charles Manson -- Cease to Exist
Tearful Moon -- Anxiety
Moth -- Frozen Tears
Markus Midnight -- Your Devil
Notchnoi Prospect -- Acids

Virgin Prunes -- Bau Dachong
Sadie Sads -- Who Fool
Bauhaus -- The Spy in the Cab
Danielle Dax -- 16 Candles
The Smiths -- Death of a Disco Dancer

A Murder of Angels -- Submerged Beginning
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Helter Skelter (live)
The Manson Family Jams -- I'll Never Say Never to Always
Paradise Lost -- Forever Failure
Skinny Puppy -- Warlock

Ashton Nyte -- The Crying Game
Cliff and Ivy -- Fossil Fuel
Dystopian Society -- The City's Breath
Spiritual Bat -- Sento



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