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September 11th, 2017

We went straight forward Gothic Rock with this one, with very little else. I just wanted to catch up on a few new releases from the past few months that I've ignored, and give some play to a few bands who have reached out to me looking for expoure. Enjoy! 


Hexenkraft -- Prince of Darkness
Sopor Aeternus -- Collision
Death in June -- Rain of Dispair
Clan of Xymox -- The Rain Will Wash Away
The Frozen Autumn -- Before the Storm
Paradise Lost -- Beneath Broken Earth
Android Lust -- Daughters of Dawn
Double Echo -- I Used to Be in Pictures
The Flatflield -- The Witch
Godless Procession -- Secreto Perverso
Sounds Like Winter -- Blood Red
Ground Nero -- Run From Your Relatives
Sunn O))) - It Took The Night To Believe
Sadie Sads -- I.D.
Switchblade Symphony -- Clown
Associates -- Tell Me Easter's on Friday
Breathless -- Bad Blood
Lydia Lunch -- 3x3
Sisters of Mercy -- Nine While Nine
Lost On Me -- Balance
Severance -- The Escapist




September 11th, 2017



Rick Wakeman -- Theme from The Burning
Gary Numan -- What God Intended
Chelsea Wolfe -- Vex
The Gastly Ones -- Robot Atomico
Vctorient -- Boylene
Fur -- Mein
The Horrors -- Death at the Chapel
Christian Death -- Skeleton Kiss (Alternate Death)
Wumpscut -- Armir Jid
Bat For Lashes -- Siren Song
Clan of Xymox -- Anguish
Deutsch Nepal -- Rommel I Love U!
Das Ich -- Staub
Saal 2 -- Strandgefuhle
Trummerfrauen -- Glasaugen
Die Artze -- Eva Braun
Ostro 430 -- S-Bahn
Xmal Deutschland -- Augen-Blick
Heaven and Hell -- Breaking Into Heaven
Ham -- Misery* 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home



August 31st, 2017

Here we have the first episode of the Fall! It was a different one, as my laptop died earlier in the day so the show I had planned got scrapped. So, I raided the vinyl vault at WUSC and cobbled together something that I think was still a pretty solid success. Hope you guys enjoy it. 


* = request 

Siouxsie and the Banshees -- The Whole Price of Blood
Killing Joke -- The Land of Milk and Honey
The Damned -- Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
The Cramps -- Journey to the Center of a Girl
The Stranglers -- Midnight Summer Dream
Wire -- Silk Skin Pawns
Depeche Mode -- Everything Counts (Absolut mix)
Gang of Four -- Anthrax
Skinny Puppy -- Stairs and Flowers (Def Wish Mix)
And One -- Krieger 
Horrorpops -- Walk Like a Zombie
The Misfits -- Hybrid Moments
The Vanishing -- Terror, I've Been Dying to Meet You
Rasputina -- Hunter's Kiss
Anton LaVey -- Thanks for the Memories
Nina Hagen -- Cosma Shiva
Nina Hagen - UFO / Jello Biafra -- Talk on Censhorshp - Let Us Prey
Blood Feast -- Main Theme
Oingo Boingo -- No One Lives Forever
Tim Capello -- I Still Believe
The Ramones -- Pet Sematary
Tuxedomoon -- Waterfront Seat
Abbatoir -- Screams from the Grave



August 8th, 2017

This one was super long! In the first half we did a little tribute to George Romero and played loads of spooky tunes. Thngs really kicked in during the second half though when fan favorite Donna Purge stopped by the studio and we talked about Dune, guilty pleasures, and our upcoming podcast titled Two Idiots. Also, check out Comic Book Girl 19, who I mentioned at the beginning of the show. I'm knee deep in her Dune Club (HELLO) right now, and really digging it. Enjoy!   

* = request

Julee Cruise -- Falling
Day of the Dead -- Main Theme
Patricia Morrison -- Alone
Crystal Night --Waiting for Something
Frio y Vacio — Desequilibrio
Then Comes Silence -- Strangers
Limbo -- Poisoned KIsses
Play Dead -- Tenant
Modern English -- Just a Thought
Suburban Lawns -- Baby
Toru Takemitsu -- Woman in the Dunes
SPK -- Desolation
Einsturzende Neubauten -- Schieß Euch Ins Blut
The Body & Thou -- Terrible Lie
High Funcitoning Flesh -- Whispered Steel
Earth and Fire -- Seasons
Salem Mass -- Witch Burning
Stillborn -- I, The Stillborn*
SubRosa -- Beneath the Crown
Slayer -- South of Heaven
Xmal Deutschland -- When Devils Come
Skinny Puppy -- Chainsaw
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Super Heroes



July 17th, 2017

This was a good one. Had some good themed sets here and I'm rather proud of it. Enjoy! 

* = request

Boy Harsher -- Pain
Stockhaussen -- Perpetuum

Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos -- Faith
Then Comes Silence -- Strangers
Experimenting With Dawn -- Terminal Fame
Promenade Cinema -- Spotlight

The Mentally Ill -- Tumor Boy
The Sickness -- Corpsemonger/Regurgitation
Blue Cross -- Time to Die
Honey Bane -- Girl on the Run
The Screamers - 122 Hours of Fear (Live at Mabuhay Gardens, 1978)

Child's Play -- Main Theme
Lydia Lunch -- Suicide Ocean
Dead Husband -- Plastic Mind
Sex Gang Children -- Mongolia
Pleasure Symbols -- Ultraviolence
Kommunity FK -- Something Inside Me Has Died

Black Sun -- Hymn to Lucifer
Adamennon -- La Sconfitta al Pozzo del Sangue*
Zess -- Revenants of War
Opera IX -- Bela Lugosi's Dead

Low Sea -- Berlin
Tropic of Cancer -- Be Brave
Soma Sema -- Artificial Heart
Replicant -- Black Light
Love Like Blood -- Black no. 1*

Damsel in the Dollhouse -- Forever Knight
nTTx -- New Dress
Doutbting Thomas -- Father Don't Cry
Cyberaktif -- Nothing Stays

Resurrectina -- Perdido
Pale TV -- Ragazza Fiore
She Past Away -- Monoton
Décima Víctima - Detrás De La Mirada
Siekiera - Jest Bezpiecznie
Belgrado -- Dalej

The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place



July 17th, 2017

This was was interesting, folks. Early on, I did a tribute to one of my good buddies, who I unfortunatlely lost way too soon. Then, we did a little tribute to Peter Ivers. Enjoy! 


Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Poppy Day
The KVB -- Radiant Hour

Stan Bush – The Touch

Peter Ivers -- Audience of One
Witch Trials -- Meat Beat
Christian Lunch and Cole Palme -- Product
The Sound -- Jeopardy
Kevin Hewick and The Sound -- Plenty

Editors – Lullaby
I Tpame I Tvrame – Today (Slowmotion)
Gary Numan – My Name is Ruin
Charlie Hilton -- Long Goodbye
Virgin Prunes -- In the Greylight

Dodsengel -- Palindrome
Dopelord -- Lucifer's Son
Lucifer’s Friend – Prince of Darkness

Still Forever -- We Lie
The Cassandra Complex -- One Millionth Happy Customer
Test Dept. – Voice of Reason
A; Grumh – Ha People

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons – Psch
Tuxedomoon – Stranger
Siglo XX -- Youth Sentiment

Club of Rome – Germany
Lebanon Hanover -- Midnight Creature
Dark Shadows – Main Theme
Minuit Machine -- Black is My Anger
Winter Severity Index -- A Sudden Cold
Scholwald -- Deep Metals

Escape With Romeo – Somebody
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (live)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature


6/17/17 — All Swedish Show!

June 30th, 2017

We had a lot of fun with this one, kids. I contined my tour of Scandinavia that I started a couple of months ago and played nothing but Swedish artists. Enjoy! 


* = request

Fahrenheit -- Avlangt Land
The Global Infantalists -- Passing
Liket Lever -- Levande Begravd
Witchcraft -- No Angel or Demon

Imaginary Walls -- Springwater
The Preachers of Neverland -- Everything Gone Grey
Funhouse -- Velvet Kiss
Beyond the Infinite -- The Watchers Behind
Dawn of Oblivion -- Walpurgis Night

ABKK -- Morker
Pillisnorks -- Belfast
Kizza Ping -- Mannen
Stadion -- Kan Inte Se

Raison d'etre -- Disintegrates From Within
Nordvargr - Hascimh Reborn
Leather Nun -- Death Threats
Cat Rapes Dog -- Schizo

Sorcerer -- Anno 1503
Nemesis -- Black Messiah
Candlemass -- Hammer of Doom
Mercy -- Welcome to my Grave Yard

Staalfagel -- Sallspakaga mig genom natten
Att Som & Unter den Linden -- Film Noir
Unter Den Linden -- Vanda Inat
Hörförståelse - Förläst jävel
Det Gylne Triangle -- Maskindans
Texas Instruments -- Western Routines*

Tradje Mannen -- Mork Romantik
Excellent Accident -- Bells of Tomorrow
Aptit -- Som Vatten
Holograms -- A Tower
Dansdepartementet - Svarta brev
Cortex -- Mind of Darkness
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Super Heroes


6/10/17 — The Corey Davis Interview

June 13th, 2017

We had a great time with this one, kids. Corey Davis, one of Columbia's most up and coming writer/artists, stopped by for a long interview. We discussed everything from his upcoming Jet Boy projects to Columbia's music scene to Saturday morning cartoons to Lisa Bonet. You can check out all of his work here: http://www.truthfulcomics.com/

* = request


Ripper -- Death Awaits You
The Protomen -- Light Up the Night
Switchblade Symphony -- Dirty Dog
Love Apple -- Winnie Cooper
Pigface feat. Ohgr -- Apshole
Chelsea Wolfe -- Destruction Makes the World Burn Brighter
The Sound -- New Dark Age
Sad Lovers and Giants -- Things We Never Did
Clan of Xymox -- Agonised By Love
The Cure -- The Drowning Man
Two Witches -- Requiem
Type O Negative -- Creepy Green Light
Dernière Volonté -- Le Poison*
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Dammit Janet



May 25th, 2017

Crazy show, this one. We had a tribute to Chris Cornell and Ian Curtis, a birthday shout-out, a rad post-punk set, and a lot more! I'm pretty proud of this one. Enjoy!



Siouxsie and the Banshees -- 92 Degrees

Chris Cornell -- Seasons
Joy Division -- Twenty Four Hours
The Cure -- A Forest (live)

Sadie Sads -- Pair Dog
Nina Hagen -- Future is Now
The Plasmatics -- Butcher Baby
Bed of Nails -- Girls
Phantoccini -- Apart
Hevenly Bodies -- Rains on Me
Blue Hollow -- Colour of Night
Astaroth -- Satanispiritus
Front Line Assembly -- Ausgang Zum Himmel
Charles Manson -- Mechanical Man
King Crimson -- Lament
Salem Mass -- Witch Burning

Gravity Pirates -- Frontal Attack
Ski Patrol -- Agent Orange
Barbara -- A Beast In Your Head*
Cold Cave -- Doom Doom Doom
Club de Rome -- Viva La Vita

The Dark -- Masque
Sex Gang Children -- I've Done It All Before
Alien Sex Fiend -- R.I.P.
The Smiths -- Meat is Murder

Garfunkle and Oats -- Happy Birthday to My Loose Acquaintance
Coil -- The Sewage Worker's Birthday Party

Sandra -- Maria Magdelena
Gary Numan -- I Die You Die*
Sonic Youth -- Superstar
Sinead O'Connor -- I Want Your (Hands on Me)
Seona Dancing -- Bitter Heart
Christian Death -- Spectre (Love is Dead)
The Creepshow -- The Garden
Bauhaus -- Dark Entries*
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Super Heroes



May 25th, 2017

This one's the first show of the summer. We had a little bit of a Mother's Day set and a lot more weirdness. Enjoy!



Bauhaus -- Endless Summer of the Damned
Daniel Ash feat. Attasalina -- The Soldiers of Everyday

Scala Girls Choir -- Mutter
Kate Bush -- Mother Stands for Comfort
Cocteau Twins -- When Mama Was Moth
Christian Death -- Dream for Mother
Sisters of Mercy -- Dominion - Mother Russia
Rapsutina -- Momma Was an Opium Smoker

Alice Cooper -- Fields of Regret
Tones on Tail -- Movement of Fear
Asmodi Bizarr -- Das Verderben
Blue Kremlin -- Te Quiero*
Sopor Aeternus -- In Der Pastra
Shadow Project -- Dead Babies

Antonius Rex -- Devil Letter
Comus -- Diana
Swans -- Mother of the World
Zior -- Entrance of the Devil
Sabbath Assembly -- Risen from Below

Diaframma -- Effetto Notte
Malaria! -- How Do You Like My New Dog?
Burning Skies of Elysium -- Far From the Crowd
The Sound -- Fatal Flaw
Vex -- Sanctuary

Hungry Lucy -- Blue Dress
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Land's End
Babel -- Howling
Android Lust -- Stained
Recoil feat. Nicole Blackman -- Want
Skinny Puppy -- Deep Down Trauma Hounds
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place


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