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The 2019 Halloween Show!

November 8th, 2019

This is it! The one we wait for all year. The 2019 Halloween Show! In this one, we went back in time and relived Halloween 1985. Picture this: You wake up on 10/31/85, get a little breakfast, turn on the TV, and catch the morning show. You're ushered in to an entire day devoted to spooky delights. Everything from corny morning news anchors to holiday themed commercials, to daytime TV, prime time specials, and of course, the radio. You're flipping around all of it, getting a snippet here and there. And then, the sun goes down and things get really interesting. 

So sit back, grab a handful of candy corn, light a candle, and let's do this. Because Halloween is whenever you want it to be. Enjoy! 


9/20/19 — The Tribute Show - Part 2

September 22nd, 2019

Here you go. Part 2 of The Tribute Show. In this one we continue our series where we play a band, and then do a short set of bands that were inspired by them. This has turned out to go a little longer than I expected, so expect Part 3 in a couple of weeks when I return. Enjoy! 

* = request

Britta Phillips -- Drive
Killing Joke -- War Dance

Headhunters -- Bright and Bloody*
Depeche Mode -- Barrel of a Gun
And One – Body Company
Gebrauche Musik -- Foreign Calling
Aube – Ionsphere II
Sex Gang Children -- Beasts
Cinema Strange -- Anti Good
Bauhaus – In the Flat Field*
Holy Cow – Black and White
The Misfits -- Hybrid Moments
Mourning Noise -- Dawn of the Dead*
Subtonix -- Black Nails on My Coffin
Deadbeats -- Queen of Nothing
Venom – To Hell and Back
Bulldozer – Fallen Angel*

9/7/19 — The Tribute Show - Part 1

September 10th, 2019

This one was a fun one, folks. I've been wanting to do this one for a while. First, we started off discussing me seeing and meeting Kaelan Mikla on Friday night. Then, I got into the theme of the episode -- Tributes! And by that, I mean bands that were heavily influenced by other bands. The whole show consisted of me playing a band, and then playing one or two bands who were heavily influenced by them, to the point that it seriously shows in their sound. Sometimes it's an homage and sometimes it's bordering on just ripping them off. Either way, I had so much material to work with that this one's going to be a 2-parter. I hope you guys enjoy Part 1. Here you go. 

* = request

Kaelan Mikla -- Ætli Það sé óhollt að láta sig dreyma (I Suppose It Is Unhealthy to Dream) 

Christian Death -- As Evening Falls Around Us
Martyr Whore -- Dolls Amitbha*
Beryl Beloved -- Procession 

Bauhaus -- The Spy in the Cab
Holy Cow -- Lady Cadava*

The Cure -- A Short Term Effect
Feeding Fingers -- No Movement in Water

Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Monitor
Amber Spyglass -- Catalyst Groove

Gnaw Their Tongues -- Nihilism Tied Up and Burning

Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection
The Merry Thoughts -- We Love To

Joy Division -- Shadowplay
The Pin Group -- Ambivalence*
Lack of Knowlege -- We're Looking for People*

The Birthday Party -- Waving My Arms
Gasrattle -- Happiness Is a Strong Surf*

The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home



September 2nd, 2019

This was fun one, folks. We started off with our usual new releases (including Columbia's own Danger Boy), then worked in a Croatian Post-Punk set, and rounded the show out with a birthday tribute set to long-time friend and contributor to the show, Ipsy! And of course, we had our required Words of Wisdom from Uncle Charlie. Enjoy! 

* = request

Kaelan Mikla -- Skuggadans
Front 242 -- Work

Danger Boy -- My Avowal, on a Bed of City Concrete
Zeresh -- The Harvest Moon
European Ghost -- Dream House
Korine -- Elegance & You
A Cloud of Ravens -- The Tempest

Paraf -- Zastave
Phantasmagoria -- Poziv U Raj
Sexa -- Cvijece
Kadeadkas -- Carry the sun
Jacques Fatalist -- Nema tu Istine* 
Boa -- Milion

Cradle of Filth -- Dinner at Deviant's Plalace
Southern Death Cult -- False Faces
Sex Gang Children -- Song and Legend

SubRosa -- Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes
Pagan Altar -- The Crowman
Pharmakon -- Body Betrays Itself
Norma Loy -- Frustration

Skinny Puppy -- Blood on the Wall*
Skinny Puppy -- Anger
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Science Fiction Double Feature



August 24th, 2019

We had a good time with this one. I discussed Peter Murphy's recent heart attack (and planned a little set around it), and also knocked out sets revolving around new releases, doom, Russian post-punk, and goth songs from un-goth bands. It'll make sense, I promise. And of course, we had our usual Words of Wisdom from Uncle Charlie, who's kind of having a moment right now, you could say. Enjoy! 

* = request

Cinema Strange -- Moundshroud
FTR -- Chances

David J w/ Asia Argento & Anton Newcombe -- Migena and the Frozen Roses
Corlyx -- Twist Like An Animal 
Evi Vine feat. Simon Gallup -- Sabbath 
Vazum -- She's in Parties 
Scavenger Parade -- The Mire 
A Cloud of Ravens -- Under the Tow 

Bauhaus -- Swing the Heartache
The Cure -- The Holy Hour
Fear Incorporated -- Ouija Board Apparitions
The Long Losts -- Skeleton Thief
Bauhaus -- Dark Entries

Trepaneringsritualen — The Birth Of Babalon
Engram -- Hi Teikei No

Pentagram -- Death Row
Saint Vitus -- Return of the Zombie
Electric Wizard -- Devil's Bride
Witchfinder General -- Love On Smack
Solitude Aeternus -- Where Angels Dare To Tread

Molchat Doma - Na Dne
Chernikovskaya Hata - Belaya Noch
Уходи если хочешь -- Puppies -- Leave If You Want 
ОБРАЗ -- Стена -- Form -- Wall
Утро - Ритуал -- Morning -- Ritual

Sonic Youth -- Shadow of a Doubt
The Pixies -- All Over the World
King Crimson -- Matte Kudasai
Primus -- Mr. Krinkle
Wire -- 106 Beats That
Celtic Frost -- Sorrows of the Moon

The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Over at the Frankenstein Place


August 24th, 2019

On this one, we had some seriously fun themed sets, involving new releases, obscure thrash, industrial, and the band Malaria! and some of their spinoff projects. Plus, I ramble on a little too long about seeing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Enjoy! 

* = request

Cocteau Twins -- Wax and Wane (live)

Pencey Sloe -- All OK
The Gathering -- Eden
Antipole -- Syndrome
She Past Away -- Sonbahar 
Kaelan Mikla -- Andvaka 

Matador -- Komm 
Mutabor! -- Treats 
Autonervous -- Still Kaltes 
Dia Haut (featuring Lydia Lunch) -- Der Karaibische Western 
The Static -- My Relationship 
Malaria! -- Traum-Dream

Final -- A Message to Man
Gazelle Twin -- Glory

Wisteria -- Flotsam*
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Skin
Christian Death -- Spectre (Love is Dead)

Warlord -- Mrs. Victoria
Cirith Ungol -- What Does It Take
Znowhite -- To the Last Breath
Trouble -- The Last Judgement

Skinny Puppy -- The Killing Game
Wumpscut -- Der Liebe Gott Sieht Alles
Front Line Assembly -- Mindphaser
Cleaner -- Raster

The Gordons -- Right On Time*
Specimen -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Bat For Lashes -- A Forest
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Super Heroes


July 29th, 2019

After nearly a month's vacation, we're back! This one has a little bit of everything - post-punk, new releases, Batcave, industrial, and a Friday the 13th themed metal set. Enjoy! 


* = request

UK Decay -- Duel
Sex Gang Children -- Killer K
Kaelan Mikla -- Ætli Það sé óhollt að láta sig dreyma (live) (I think it is unhealthy to dream)
Astari Night -- Dearly Beloved
Drab Majesty -- Dolls in the Dark
My Dying Bride -- I Am the Bloody Earth
Wardance -- Friday the 13th*
Bitch -- Riding in Thunder
Kat - Killer
Child of Night -- Compromise
She Past Away -- La Maldad
Ash Code -- Alone in Your Dance
Molly Nilsson -- I Hope You Die
Gridlock -- From Zero
Pankow -- God's Deneuve
Will -- Father Forgive
Minimal Compact -- To Get Inside
Killing Joke -- Darkness Before Dawn
The Danse Society -- Red Light (Shine)
Malaria! -- Trash Me 
War Toys -- Mr. Cracked*
Christian Death -- Electra Descending
Modern English -- Machines
Ministry -- Tonight We Murder*
Nina Hagen -- Naturtrane
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Science Fiction Double Feature


July 15th, 2019

This is a special one kids! Jame Lathren of Columbia's own Candy Coffins stopped by for an interview! We discussed his influences, the Goth scene in general, and played a new game he invented - Is It Goth Or Not? We also worked in some Candy Coffins tracks, and debuted a track from the new album by She Past Away. This is definitely one of my fave episodes of the year. Thanks to Jame for stopping by! Go and support all things Candy Coffins if you know what's best for you. 


Bauhaus -- Endless Summer of the Damned
Temple of Angels -- Cerise Dream 
Candy Coffins -- Images on the Screen
Candy Coffins -- Claire Voyant
Second Still -- New Violet 
Lebanon Hanover -- Petals
She Past Away -- Disko Anksiyete 
Selofan -- Give Me a Reason
Asmus Tietchens - Kopfüber in den Gulli
Death in June -- All Alone in Her Nirvana
Ramleh -- Hole in the Heart

Candy Coffins Site
Candy Coffins on Bandcamp

Candy Coffins Facebook
Candy Coffins Twitter
Candy Coffins Instagram


July 14th, 2019

This one had another huge dose of new stuff in the beginning, and we ended strong with some black metal...and well, we were all over the math. A solid show all around. Enjoy! 


* = requset

Siouxsie and the Banshees - 92 Degrees
Lingua Ignota - Butcher Of The World
Gallhammer -- Blind My Eyes
Hateful Chains -- A Night Like This
Slow Decay -- Hangman
Leper -- Fai Come Vuoi (Do As Thou Wilt)
Hurtsfall -- Lucid
Gestalt - Deuxième Ombre
Film Noir -- Excuse
The Cure -- M
Asylum Party -- Julia
Red Rain Coat -- Distinguished Ball
Red Lory Yellow Lorry -- Take it All
The Ramones -- Pet Sematary*
Far East Family Band -- Metempsychosis
Stelvio Cipriani -- Hot Skin
Waste of Space Orchestra -- Wake Up The Possessor*
Test Dept -- The Fall From Light
Gorgoroth -- Exit Through Carved Stones
Darkthrone -- In the Shadow of The Horns
David Bowie -- Wishful Beginnings
Bauhaus -- Boys
Cabaret Voltaire -- Spies in the Wires
Clock DVA -- 4 Hours
Horrorpops -- Hororbeach*
Shock Treatment Soundtrack -- Shock Treatment


July 14th, 2019

NEW MUSIC!!! In this one, we spend the first half of the show debuting loads of new tracks, mostly from bands that have never been played before, and some of it from albums that haven't even been released yet. Then, we did our usual Words of Wisdom, and worked in a solid Batcave set at the end. Enjoy! 


* = request

Japan Suicide -- Empire
The Holy Circle -- Free and Young
Chasms -- Divine Illusion 
Drab Majesty -- Long Division
Astari Nite -- As If You Were Dead
The Membranes -- A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier
Clay Rendering -- Black Vows 
Cold Showers -- Faith
Komrads -- Scatter the Ashes
Vukovar -- Internment By Mirrors

Ministry -- N.W.O.*
Xasthur -- Telepathic with the Deceased
La Mort -- Fist and Chain
Malombra -- The Witch is Dead

UK Decay -- Black Cat
Sexbeat -- Sexbeat
Meat of Youth - Meat of Youth
Andi Sex Gang -- The Naked and the Dead
The Cure -- End
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I'm Going Home

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