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This was a fun one! Coming right off of making a video essay for my Experimental Film class, I filled this playlist with bands that I researched for that project. The whole show was an exploration into the avant-garde. Here is a link to the vid. Enjoy!



* = request

Cabaret Voltaire -- 24-24
Throbbing Gristle -- Hit By a Rock
Coil -- Circles of Mania
Milla Jovovich -- The Gentleman Who Fell
Kate Bush -- Oh England My Lionheart
Bauhaus -- Antonin Artaud
The Pixies -- Debaser
Frank Zappa -- Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin
Captain Beefheart -- Kandy Korn
Play Dead -- Propoganda
Terminal Gods -- Persona
Psychic TV -- Attraction Romantique
SPK -- The Agony of the Plasma
Manufacture -- Ballet Mechanique
Die Klopferbande -- Der Disco*
Bauhaus -- Exquisite Corpse
Julian Beck & The Living Theatre -- Revolution Means New Beginning
Grauzone -- Eisbaer
Chants of Maldoror -- The Innocents
Siouxisie and the Banshees -- Skin
Blood Ceremony -- My Demon Brother
KMFDM -- These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Skinny Puppy -- saLvo
Wumpscut-- Falling from Lucifer's Grace
Christian Death -- Dogs
The Cure -- The Empty World
This Burning Effigy -- Sylvan
Anton LaVey -- Satanis Theme
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Science Fiction Double Feature


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